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Roundabout Lighting

LED markers are used to illuminate the approach and edge of traffic roundabouts, especially where little or no overhead lighting is available. The LED road studs provide a high contrast on the road edge to ensure drivers avoid accidents or driving onto the curb.

The On Road Markers can be set to pace in a light sequence in order to indicate the direction of travel. The LED markers create a running light sequence which motorists follow, reducing the number of incidents. 

Roundabout lighting

Dangerous Curves Lighting

Our dangerous curve application provides a unique way of communicating with drivers and saves lives. In 2010 more than 50% of all fatal crashes in the USA occurred in rural areas, 96% of these were roadway departures. By implementing LED Road Markers we provide a high contrast delineation to prevent accidental lane changes as well as preventing head-on collisions. 

The illuminated raised pavement markers are robust and completely waterproof. The inductively powered LED road studs are a perfect fit for on road use, especially in wet and high-density fog areas.

Intersection Guidance Lighting

Busy intersections with multiple turning lanes can present safety issues for motorists and pedestrians. The risk is increased especially in low visibility or wet weather conditions. Vehicle guidance can be improved by using LED road markers to actively guide motorists throughout the intersection.

Our LED marker system is flexible and affordable to install, providing durable in-road lights with intelligent controls. It can be installed for multiple lanes to provide clear guidance and visibility for drivers. 

All our systems are fully intelligent with individual LED marker control. 

Rail Management Lighting

Safety around Bus and Tram ways is a crucial factor for all road users. Accidents with bus and trams are mostly fatal and therefore better lighting systems are required especially where shared roadways are used.

LED markers provide a clear lane edge for vehicle guidance both night and day to minimise the risk of incidents. The LED markers can be controlled dynamically to only turn on when a bus/tram is present.

Traffic Signal Lighting

LED road markers are used to compliment existing traffic lights, and to provide enhanced warning to motorists. The red LED road studs improve visibility where the approach onto the intersection is not directly inline, giving motorists enough stopping distance to safely reduce their speed.

Our inductive LED road marker system is compatible with most traffic signals, and can be integrated with other pedestrian safety systems where required. The system is fast and easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance.

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