Smart City Pedestrian Safety and Guidance Solutions

Crosswalk Safety Lighting

Use our LED road markers to prevent fatalities at pedestrian crossings. We are committed to enhancing safety around pedestrian crossings by illuminating the crosswalk.
Vision Zero Networks have been established around the World and are committed to eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. Our solution consists of high contrast LED markers activated by intelligent sensors.
The illuminated raised pavement markers are easily installed into the road. The road studs are connected to pedestrian sensors that activate the lights and serve as advance warning to motorists.

School Zone Lighting

Young children especially are unaware of the high risk dangers of being a pedestrian near roads. Fatalities increase considerably when children are in groups, especially in school zones. Cars travelling at high speeds can cause school zones to be high risk areas.

Warning lights improve driver awareness of pedestrians so that they can reduce speed. A reduced speed can help to avoid accidents and save lives. LED road markers are activated during school times to dynamically improve safety and awareness.

Bicycle Lane Lighting

City councils want to boost safety for cyclists. With this in mind, authorities ask for a system that would reduce congestion at crossings, as well as encouraging cyclists not to cross at a red light. By using our patented intelligent LED road markers, we create a system to serve both as a safety and mobility system.

The LED markers can be synchronised with traffic signals, and with customised firmware can be set to create a ‘green wave’ for cyclists. Cyclist follow the green LED markers, thereby ensuring the next traffic signals are green when they arrive.

Our LED road studs improve vehicle awareness of cyclists on the road. Therefore safety is improved for all road users.

Signalised Pedestrian Crossings

Our lighting solution helps cities, traffic safety professionals and engineers to improve road safety by creating a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers. The solution is aimed at pedestrians who are using their phones and are at risk at crossing points.

The on pavement lighting system has proven to drastically improve pedestrian attention at the right time, avoiding near misses and collisions. The system can be coupled with other sensor devices that provide real time monitoring and data collection.     

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