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Parking Safety Lighting

Parking areas and structures are shared spaces for pedestrians and motorists. This shared space can present many hazards as cars operate in all directions, and pedestrians not necessarily focused on vehicles. Our vision zero mission is to reduce incidents in parking structures by using LED markers to provide high contrast warning lights at critical areas.

The On Road LED markers can be used as warning lights at pedestrian crossing areas, walk-ways, at traffic give way intersections or as a shared mobility zone indicator. The LED markers are fit for in- and outdoor use, and can be integrated with existing systems or operate as a standalone product.

Loading Zones

Dynamic loading zones and parking bays improve the use and function of existing road infrastructure. By using LED road markers we are able to dynamically control loading zones for dedicated vehicles and specified times of the day.

Using our intelligent in road LED markers, we can control the colour and change the light state depending on the loading zone occupancy. Simple and easy installation with minimal components can greatly improve the use of most loading bays.

Parking Guidance Lighting

The Smart-City-Parking system guides motorists to vacant bays using bay indicator LED markers. Once the customer reaches an aisle with bays available, they will be able to easily identify the vacant bays at a glance. Bay indicators are mounted on the road at each car park space and are equipped with an LED marker, indicating the status by colour of the parking space (vacant, occupied, or reserved) and its type (disabled or reserved). This results in a better customer experience.

The Smart City solution is fit for indoor and outdoor use, where ceiling mounted options are not feasible or practical. The system comes complete with sensors and interface, but may also be integrated with existing sensor platforms.

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