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Bus Lane Lighting

Smart mobility around bus lanes and transit lanes can be deployed to optimise their use and traffic flow. Bus lanes are typically designed to be used solely by busses during peak travel hours, however with our smart mobility system the lane can be dynamically switched to enable use during off-peak hours and reduce congestion.

Independent studies have demonstrated that using intelligent lighting solutions and controlling bus lanes dynamically can increase the use of bus lanes during off-peak times, reduce congestion and length of vehicle queues, plus offer a great reduction in non-compliance. Please contact us for a customised solution.

Motorway Guidance Lighting

Motorways and highways must be used smarter to make better use of existing infrastructure, enable greater traffic mobility and improve safety. Our range of LED markers provide customised solutions for motorways to enable dynamic lane switching, off-ramp delineation, work-zone lighting, overhead replacement lighting and many more.

Our Smart Mobility Lighting Systems can be implemented on most surfaces and integrated with new or existing control systems. The LED markers can be single or multicoloured with intelligent switching features.  

Tidal Flow Lighting

Tidal flow traffic, also referred to as contraflow or reversible lanes, is a method of dynamic lane control to make better use of roads for improved traffic flow. Our solution consists of LED road delineators which can be controlled depending on the time of day or road usage demands. 

Dynamic lane systems like reversible lanes have demonstrated to have positive impacts on traffic, including congestion on side roads, travel times and greater road user experience. The systems can be deployed as standalone or paired with overhead signals. Please contact us for case studies and examples.

Green Wave Lighting

Vehicle guidance and faster transit times are achieved by implementing “green wave” systems which operate between traffic intersections. The intelligent lighting system improves mobility by creating a running green light for motorists to follow, which will ensure they receive a green phase at the next traffic intersection.

The green wave system is best used where the system can be implemented between traffic lights, and the speed of the green wave can be adjusted for motorists to receive a constant green phase. Please contact us for more information on this road of the future. 

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